We are droplets in an infinite ocean of existence and deserve to be happy and successful. This is our birth right we somehow forgot. I aim to learn from life every in breath as a lifelong student and contribute to the lives of others for a happier world. Coaching is a tool to help others remember their true potential. I have coached professionals and individuals for more than 2000 hours and have spent more than 20,000 hours since 1999 in learning, inner work, and self-transformation to develop myself.

Young Women Brainstorming

Career Coaching

70% of working people in the USA and the world tell that they are not happy with their work. Every day would be a vacation if you worked in your dream job. I can help you find your answers through coaching to find the right job that matches your dreams and talents.

$250 per hours

Business Meeting

Executive Coaching

I have coached professionals from entry-level to management level for more than 2000 hours in business to help them find their true meaning in life and at work and to unleash their untapped potential for a happier and more successful life.

$500 per hours

Meditation by the Sea

Life Coaching

We have got only one life. who would not want to live a fully engaged, happy, and successful life? Almost all ancient and modern philosophers were after the key to happiness. All of us have the answers to happiness and success inside us and I help people to find their own way to this target.

$200 per hours


Srinivasa Gopineedi

Supply Chain Professional

Cummins Inc

Kenan has been coaching me for the past couple of years. It has been a wonderful and great learning experience. I have met so many people who told me what to do but I never met anyone like kenan who could help me develop my  approach tailored to my own uniqueness. Working with him helped me in eliminating my confusions and truly improved my clarity and focus

Çağlar Akbayırlı

Senior Commodity Buyer

BMC Automotive

Kenan is a great leader who has extraordinary management style I have never seen before. He is interested in his team closely and helps their personal development. He is very open-minded to new generations. I mention him wherever I can to tell about his style and spectacular coaching & mentoring.

Bilal Uzun

HSE Leader

Cummins inc

Kenan always coaches others as a way of living to help them find their true meaning in life and at work and to unleash their untapped potential for a happier and more successful life. I have seen many times how has has made a positive difference in the lives of others.