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A Guıde for a Post-pandemic World in 2030

A Guıde for a Post-pandemic World in 2030

The world we are living in now is going through a significant change. Climate changes, an increase in the world's average temperature, extinction of species, melting of the ice caps, increased frequency and magnitude of earthquakes and stronger hurricanes, more regional fights among the children of God, economic warfare, etc., are just a few of the physical changes. There are more changes such as the emergence of new generations such as X, Y, Z, and recently Alpha. Political riots, religious oppositions, changes in macro-economic systems, the rise of artificial intelligence, etc. are making this process of change ever more complex.

Ordo ab chao.

This esoteric phare means order from chaos and points out the creative destruction process. The birth of a baby is probably the best example to explain it. The modern age which had started in 1789 A.D. with the French Revolution ended in 2020, marking the beginning of a brand-new age where unimaginable trends will shape up lives, our families, our children, our beliefs, our communities, our jobs, our mental climate, and our environment.

Nothing will be the same anymore and there is no turning back.

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