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a modern school of wisdom


How would it be to find the answers to big questions of life in one training?

Would it not be nice to have a map of life and the human development?

You will these answers and have a map with this training.

Part 0 is FREE introduction to introduce you to the 3 part program. Each part takes different amount of time.

THIS IS A TRANSFORMATIVE PROGRAM. You will transform from a caterpillar to a Butterly and shine with wisdom.

Meaning of life & cosmos

This a 4 weeks-long program with 16 hours of theoretical and practical trainong.

1- Suffering & understanding the cosmic illusion (Maya)

2-School of life & secrets of Creation

3-Story of fallen angels & ego development 

4-Awakening from illusion & the Hero`s Journey of Spiritual growth

5-Changing habits & holding a mirror to yourself 

6-What are happiness, success & wisdom?

7- A Contract with yourself to make a change

8-Finding Heaven on Earth & staying on the spiritual path

journey to our true self

This is a 6 months long interactive program where we will meet every 2 weeks.

We will study major philosophy, science and belief systems to expand our awareness. Classes will require homework and thesis be prepared and presented requiring the participant to comtemplate between each class.

The most important part of this session is the deeper level of inner work that will start  your transformation. 


Knowing, doing and being are 3 different states of spiritual transformation.


It will last for 12 months.


Alihan Ergun

Business development

Has anyone ever helped you awaken to your true reality? He made this and brought us into a unknown world which makes you shock effect. Kenan is a seeker and his life motto is `to touch people s life and to give as much as he can for to develop their own life path`. I am one of those persons who had that shock effect 3 years ago in Part 1 of his Academia Modern Workshop. I had a chance to experience or to try the new learnings in my real life and believe me or not it definitely works. Thank you again my dear friend that you took a serious place in my life path and I fell that somehow we will be together again in short future. With love.

Bilal Uzun

HSE Leader, Cummins Inc

There are not many people around in these days who dedicate their time to help others reach to their inner potential. Kenan is one of them as a philosopher, a seeker after truth and a great leader. He has been a true companion in my spiritual journey of self-realization since I met him I’m 2011. I am one of the people to witness how he designed this workshop and had the chance to participate when he launched it. It is truly a journey to hold a mirror to yourself, learn about the meaning of life & universe and understand how you can be happy and successful. He is giving you the unspoken secrets of how life works and helps you in your spiritual journey of transformation.

Doga Ceylan

Bank Manager, Is Bankasi

In Kenan's workshop, there has been a lot of new awareness about myself and who I am. I must point out that studying helps me think and find new realities. I think that the studies are multifaceted and consist of information and applications distilled from many different fields and it is a unique study with these aspects. I wish Kenan success with his efforts to touch many people and contribute to their development.

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