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Robot with a Soul Trilogy Volume 1 - Garden of Eden

Robot with a Soul Trilogy Volume 1 - Garden of Eden

This book is a mirror to help you awaken into your true potential and reach your higher-self. It will take you to an inner journey of self-transformation in a trilogy while guiding you to question and challenge what you think you know.

`An unexamined life is not worth living.` - Socrates

Would you like to read the story of a spiritual message of warning from 2075 A.D. to today`s civilization? This time the message comes from a humanoid organic robot with artificial consciousness.

What happens if God gives a soul to an organic robot in human form?

Our story is about the first organic robot produced in Aden Laboratory in 2075 A.D. and its story of awakening into higher consciousness. In this book, we will look for answers to learn more about consciousness while we read an esoteric sci-fi novel on artificial intelligence.

What is thinking?
Is it possible to think without experience and memory?
Is making decisions a sign of thinking?
Even though artificial intelligence has unique works such as drawing and composing, can we call it creativity?
Does intelligence give birth to consciousness? If it does, how and after which stage does consciousness emerge? What elements does consciousness consist of?
Are emotions proof of being conscious? Is a being without emotions conscious?
Were the words of Alan Turing correct?
Where do emotions come from? Are emotions a function of the body or mind?
Can there be intuition without a soul? Can there be creativity without a soul?
So, is there a soul? What is it, and how is it explained?
Is the soul the source of consciousness?

You are the robot in this story.
It is the story of your awakening into your higher-self. This book is a mirror for you.

The trilogy will help you ask for more about the history of Heavenly Religions in each book - Garden of Eden, The Babylonian Exile, and Artificial Messiah.

So, let the story begin.

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